Finally, a great dental plan you can sink your teeth into

Our Delta Dental* plan is a heavy hitter: Three free cleanings per year, two free bitewing x-rays per year, 100% coverage for basic services, and you can see any dentist you choose*. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Plan Benefit Summary

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*This plan is paperless and you will not receive an ID card if enrolled in the plan.

*You get more value for your money by staying in-network.

Benefit Advocate

Call: (925) 658-1581

Delta Dental

Policy/Group #: 18935
Call: (800) 521-2651

Plan Features

Plan FeaturesIn-Network and Non-Network* Combined
Annual Deductible$50 individual / $150 family
Annual Maximum Benefits$2,000
Preventative Services100%
Cleanings are covered 3 times per calendar year
Bitewing x-rays are covered twice per calendar year.
Basic Services100%
Major Services60%
Orthodontia50% up to $1,500 Lifetime Maximum (deductible waived)

*Non-network claims are based on Delta Dental’s reasonable & customary allowances

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