“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”


The essence of interior design is things—things that need to be bought, need to go to the right place in good order, and need to be what you’re expecting. Chambers’ purchasing team understands that a single room can comprise hundreds of things, and a clubhouse as a whole—thousands.

What our clients see are beautiful fabrics and trims, tables and chairs, window treatments and artwork—what our purchasing team sees is the need to place an order promptly, obtain the best price, and know the order is shipping on time and heading to the right destination. We follow the order as often as necessary and communicate with local delivery agents to ensure proper inspection, supplying the strength that helps beauty and comfort become a reality.

Why Choose Chambers?

From price quote to final installation, Chambers serves as a seamless and economical purchasing and installation resource for furnishings, fixtures, fabrics, and accessories specifically for the private club industry and related markets. Our skilled team is adept at coordinating logistics, working with manufacturers, and adhering to budget requirements.