The Drawloop Story

Many entrepreneurs develop a technology solution because they see a business problem.

Todd Mezrah and Jim Roberson lived it.

Our Story
1999 In late 1999, the friends worked at different insurance firms but experienced the same big headache. Creating presentations for prospective clients meant manually compiling documents. That laborious process – multiple contributors, data that needed to be tracked down – significantly slowed how quickly they could add clients. “It could take days to weeks to put all those pieces together,” Jim recalls.
Especially frustrated one day, Todd researched document automation solutions and found nothing. “I’ll just go build it myself but I don’t want to do it myself,” he thought. He called Jim. There needs to be a faster way to create documents and we should develop it, he told Jim. 2000 “He said, ‘Are you serious?’ I said ‘I'm definitely serious. I'm calling you to see if you're serious. If you're serious, meet me in Dallas,’ ” Todd says. Fast-forward to the next morning in a conference room in the American Airlines Admirals Club at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas – located roughly between their homes in California and Florida. Todd shows up. Jim shows up. They get to work.
Over eight hours – powered by strong coffee and growing excitement – they sketch out a business plan for automated document creation on a whiteboard and pieces of paper. They know the key is to drive the data in a very sophisticated way into Word, PDF, Excel and other document types. "We saw a massive market need and discussions with clients generated a lot of excitement," Jim says. "We both left that meeting saying, ‘No one is doing this. Why can't we build it?'"
8 hours
2000 A year later, they launched their beta document generation product with the help of several team members.
2001 In 2001, they went to market focused on insurance and brokerage companies. Since then, they have expanded the market to bring document generation to the entire Salesforce market.
They also expanded their customer base beyond insurance to just about every industry that deals with documents. That move resulted in a jump from 10 large enterprise insurance customers in 2008 to 1,500 clients in 2014.
2001 Now one of the Top 10 apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, Drawloop was acquired in 2015 by Nintex, the global standard for workflow automation. The company’s newly combined development team will focus on integrating Nintex’s workflow platform with Drawloop’s automated document generation capabilities.
timeline-final But one thing remains the same. That excitement and sense of promise about document generation that they felt when they left the Admirals Club.

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