Food and Beverage Information

Can we prepare our own food or do we have to use a caterer?

Yes, you may prepare your own food and/or choose your own caterer.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?

Yes. Tenants must secure the proper permits through the Washington State Liquor control board.

Do you supply linens, table cloths, flatware, or coffee pots?

No. The Everett Firefighters Hall is an entirely self service venue. There is a small coffee maker, a small assortment of cooking utensils and cookware, and a few chaffing trays. You are welcome to use what we have, there just is not much there, (hey, what can we say, we’re Firefighters). Plan to bring all the things you will need to create your meals and setting. Also arrange to clean up after yourself, we operate on a leave it better than you found it mantra.

Is there freezer and refrigerator space available

We have one of each in the kitchen for your use.

What sort of cooking and food preparation equipment is available at the hall?

Our hall boasts a 6 burner Viking cook top with gas convection oven. There is an additional electric oven in the 5 ft. x 7 ft. island. Ample counter space, commercial sink, additional hand washing sink, microwave oven, and roll out buffet table provide excellent food prep. and service area.

General Information

Do you ever offer reduced rates to non-profit groups?

The Everett Firefighters Association frequently donates week day meeting space to qualifying
non-profit groups.

Hall rates

Description Damage/
Cleaning Deposit
Saturday and Holiday rentals $250 $500
Weekday rate (Sunday – Thursday) $250 $250
Weekday meetings rate / Monday – Friday (8AM-5PM) *Not available for banquet use. $0 $100
Discount Rate available with board approval for non-profit groups, other than meetings, ie. fundraising, celebrations ect. Download the $0 $100
The Everett Firefighters offer free meeting space on a limited basis to qualified non-profit groups. Download the $0 $0
Youth Sports & Awards Ceremonies / *Sunday Only $0 $50/2hrs.

What is the Everett Firefighters Association?

The Everett Firefighters Association is a 501 c4 non profit group made up of all active and
retired Everett Firefighters in good standing. The Association is managed by a
mainly volunteer board of directors and is not governed by the City of Everett or the Everett Fire

What is the Everett Firefighters Hall?

Everett Firefighters Hall provides low cost meeting and event space for local citizens and
non-profit groups alike. Our building was purchased and remodeled by our members in 2006. It
serves to promote the fellowship of our members as well as to support the community in which
we live and work.

Who owns the Everett Firefighters Hall?

Our hall is owned by our membership of both active and retired Everett Firefighters.

Miscellaneous Information

Can I have a message placed on your illuminated sign in front of the hall?

Yes you can. Contact Dave DeMarco at ddemarco230@gmail.com to request a personalized message for the day of your event. Please make requests at least 1 week prior your actual event date. No last minute signage requests will be honored. Sign requests are free of charge and are not tied to the cost to rent the hall in any way. If your sign request is incorrect or does not get done, you are not entitled to any refund of hall rental fees and any verbiage may be
edited for space and content.

Can we decorate the hall?

Yes. We have had some issues with tape in the past so please do not use tape in any capacity. Decorations can be tied to the ceiling or attached to walls as long as no damage is done. Make sure to take all decorations down and clean up any traces of them before leaving.

What sort of parking is available?

Our parking lot will accommodate from 15 to 20 cars. Additional street parking is available on Hewitt, west of our location.

What time can we get in on our scheduled day and when must we leave?

You may begin your use at 8am of your scheduled event, and should wrap things up by midnight.

Who do I contact to reserve a date or schedule a time to see the hall?

The Main Meeting Space

How many chairs and tables do you have and what size and color are they?

There are (8) x 5 ft dia., round tables and (8) x 8 ft. long, rectangular tables in the chair and table storage room for your use. More tables are available by special request if proper lead time is given. There are 100 chairs for your use.

How many people will the hall accommodate?

Our hall will accommodate sit down events of up to 100 people maximum, but is better suited to groups of fewer than 75 if tables are involved in the event.

What are the AV capabilities of the hall?

Our Hall is equipped with projection television with a 12 ft retractable screen, surround sound, CD/DVD capability, i-pod connections, wireless microphone, and connections for power-point presentations via your own laptop computer.

What size is the main meeting space?

Our main meeting area is approx. 35 ft. by 35 ft.