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some of our past events around the world

IFMSS - International Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society: Kasane, Botswana

Providing added value to enhance conference experience

Our depth of knowledge in global communities, particularly in Africa, mean we are often asked to provide added value experiences for existing conferences and events. Even when we are not deeply engaged in the complexities of planning conferences, we are asked to help arrange meaningful, engaging, and relevant experiences that enhance the conference goals. Such was the case in 2016, when the IFMSS reached out to ask for our help in arranging safari add-on options for their attendees.

  • Development of an online portal to review and select sample itineraries plus access to custom adventures
  • Attendees experienced unparalleled attention to detail and the highest levels of services, including personal on-site assistance and access to our team throughout the process of planning their safari
  • Opportunity to engage in conservation and support local communities in Africa with partner organizations dedicated to making meaningful contributions to Africa’s wildlife and its people

Faecal Sludge Management (FSM4) Conference: Chennai, India

Creating the spaces to facilitate solutions that address global sanitation challenges

FSM’s focus on innovative and practical solutions attracted diverse international professionals working in the sector, including utilities, service providers, municipalities, state and national governments, academics, scientists, consultants, donors, and industry groups. FSM5, in partnership with AfricaSan5, in Cape Town, South Africa promises to be another successful event with creative, bright minds convening around shared goals.

Event Highlights

  • 1,200 attendees from over 60 countries with government involvement
  • Offsite learning visits / field trips to desludging and co-treatment facilities, community biodigesters, and the Indian Institute of Technology
  • 14 scientific track sessions covering research, case studies, and industry exhibitions
  • Ancillary meetings and competitive poster sessions with prizes
  • 10 post-meeting workshops to continue exploring creative solutions
  • Exhibition and skills competition

Reinvented Toilet Expo: Beijing, China

Transforming the sanitation industry to improve lives

This event is a platform that capitalizes on more than five years of investment and innovation in non-sewered sanitation approaches and technology. The event launched a new transformative sector within the sanitation industry – a showcase of commercially viable products that aims to dramatically and sustainably improve the lives of the almost four billion people who live without safely managed sanitation.


  • Inspired by the innovative topic, the event was held at the Guardian Art Center: a unique concept for a hybrid location, merging art display in museum space with the multifunctional capacities of an exhibition
  • 35 carefully curated exhibitions with a focus on innovation
  • Collaboration with the Chinese government in support of their “Toilet Revolution”
  • 500-600 attendees over a 3-day period

Microsoft Africa Business Forum: Lagos, Nigeria

Navigating complexities to convene industry leaders

In September 2015, we helped Microsoft convene more than 120 Microsoft Africa business leaders, buyers, Africa IT innovators and corporate users of technology in Lagos. With a population of over 20 million in the greater Lagos area, we knew that to maximize the effectiveness of the event we would need to address congestion and safety issues while still providing the same high standards of service. But as we like to say, easy is just another word for boring.


  • Customer focus groups
  • Meetings with innovative start-ups and technical site visits
  • Presentations on technology implementation in some of Africa’s largest industrial plants and corporations
  • Field trip to Computer Village, an unplanned and unstructured market with more than 3,000 vendors providing computer and accessories sales and repair services – the largest market of its kind in Africa
  • Tour of the Eko Atlantic construction site, an entirely new coastal city under development on Victoria Island
  • Reclaimed from the ocean with state-of-the art-urban design, power generation, technology and clean water

Grand Challenges Annual Meetings: Multiple Locations

More than a decade of supporting global leaders invested in curing the world’s most challenging diseases

Grand Challenges is a family of initiatives fostering innovation to solve key global health and development problems. This annual meeting focuses on 14 major scientific challenges that, if solved, could lead to key advances in preventing, treating, and curing diseases in the developing world.
Grand Challenges was launched in 2003, and we have been honored to support the efforts of the founding organization since 2005. Locations include: Berlin, Washington DC, London, Beijing, Seattle, Rio de Janeiro, Delhi, Arusha, Ottawa, and Cape Town.


  • Annual meeting in varying locations worldwide, partnering with major stakeholders in global health
  • Approximately 1,400 attendees, featuring top government officials, high-level business leaders, scientific innovators, NGOs, and some of the world’s leading visionaries
  • Meeting environment that supports collaboration and encourages meaningful outcomes
  • Up to 14 scientific track sessions in addition to comprehensive scientific poster sessions and competitions
  • Numerous side meetings as a platform for breakout sessions, working groups, and intergovernmental dialogues
  • Offsite evening events in local museums, galleries, and places of cultural and historical significance to inspire and enhance collaboration
  • Joint sessions with key global partner organizations, including WHO, USAID and others

UCSF Radiology 2005 and 2007: Livingstone, Zambia

Creating local impact and enhancing conservation efforts while engaging in global health issues

Our expertise in event planning is matched only by our depth of understanding and relationships throughout the continent of Africa. Often, we are tapped to support extracurricular experiences that enhance the meaning and value of conferences by engaging attendees with local communities and issues that are of shared value, such as conservation and wildlife protection. While we offer full-service meeting planning, we also can provide learning visits, incentive travel, donor travel and other add-ons to existing events because of the diversity and depth of our experience and relationships. We are a trusted name around the world and can often create experiences for organizations that are truly once-in-a-lifetime memories that can grow collaboration and inspire future innovation.

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