What We Do

We partner with leaders in global health, conservation, and social responsibility who are convening the best minds at meaningful meetings and events. We support their vision to make an impact, in everything we do.

Our international relationships are built on years of trust and understanding. We respect diverse cultures and value true partnerships with local communities. This purpose-driven work requires significant research, preparation, integrated technology, and a deep understanding that the most challenging locations often result in the most meaningful outcomes.

Before the Event

Goal Setting

Before your event we spend months in detailed preparation with you. We identify the ideal location options, analyzing evolving social and economic infrastructure in juxtaposition to your event goals. We handle logistics that most wouldn’t know to consider, and we specialize in finding unique cultural experiences that benefit both conference guests and local communities.

Research + Site Visits

Because we work around the world with special expertise in developing nations, the complexity of ensuring the safety, political stability, and basic infrastructure of the event location is our first focus. Once secure, we navigate any transportation challenges, visa requirements, and language barriers. The site visit not only provides a better understanding for our clients to imagine the opportunities for their event, but it allows us to establish relationships with local leaders, meet local vendors, secure contracts and put the final touches on the event plan.

Financial Management

We understand costs and work side-by-side at every step to manage the financials and logistics. International currency values can fluctuate dramatically, and the contracts signed at site visits may change in value. We believe it is critical to avoid any surprises and to mitigate for any unavoidable complications along the way.

During the Event

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We put the goals of our clients at the center of everything we do. Every detail in our preparation is about anticipating our clients’ needs and adapting to any changes seamlessly so that the focus remains on creating meaningful impact.

We are inspired by the great work our clients do and it is our goal to always create the right environment for attendees to learn and engage. To ensure that focus, some of the elements we integrate into the event experience include:

Event Snapshots

High Standards in Any Location

Cutting Edge Technology

Whether it’s a first-of-its kind global event or a trade show that is looking to innovate how it connects with attendees, we are on the front lines of technology solutions. We partner with our clients to design the event website, online registration and meeting app, as well as production and audio visual requirements, live-streaming capabilities, and translation. We provide connected solutions that improve attendee experiences across multiple generations.

Meaningful Activities

Global events that convene around critical issues deserve more than the traditional team bonding event. We also are extremely careful that the extracurricular activities we plan have real value. We look for ways to inspire and educate, as well as entertain.

Driving Real Change

We know that no matter what the goal of your event, the end game is real change. Setting the backdrop for helping your organization achieve meaningful impact is our specialty. We are inspired by the belief that a meaningful event can be a catalyst that sparks real change.

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