People all over the world suffer from acne; in fact it is the most common skin condition on the planet. However, due to its unsightly appearance many people are embarrassed to ask questions about acne and the different acne treatment available.


There are now many acne treatment products available some more effective than others. When looking into acne treatment you’ll see many worrying looking terms (such as benzoyl peroxide, acne scars, topical treatments, and cystic acne and prescription medication) often without a proper explanation of what they mean and how they relate to the acne you’re suffering from. Often people don’t even really understand the basics such as what pimples are and how to properly treat them.

When treating acne it a good idea to try and understand the cause of acne, the effects day to day items have on your skin and how different acne treatment works. Unfortunately, this is a far ranging topic with very few clear answers.

In this FAQ section we have answered some of the most common questions in order to help you understand what acne is, the different acne treatments available and how it will help your pores and leave you with clear skin, be it your face, back, neck or anywhere else suffering from acne. Before using any acne treatment it is important to understand what it is and how effective it will be with helping you. It is vital to choose the right product for you and with a bit of knowledge it is possible to find an acne treatment which will help clear even the most severe acne in just a few weeks.

What is acne?

Before beginning to tackle acne it is worth taking the time to answer the question “what is acne?” While the field of dermatology is advancing all the time, the exact cause of acnes is not yet fully understood. However, the process which leads to acne on your face, back or anywhere else is very well understood and as a result effective treatment is available to get rid of acne. Read more on What is acne?

Acne explained

People often wonder why they suffer from acne and others don’t. There are many myths flying around about the causes of acne, ranging from chocolate to masturbation. The truth is there are many internal and external factors which will affect the development of acne. Read more on Acne explained

What causes acne?

Many people go straight into acne treatment without taking the time to understand what causes their acne. While it is still unclear exactly what causes acne; there are many possibilities including hormones, diet, genetics, vitamin deficiency and stress. Read more on What causes acne?

Does stress cause acne?

While it is hard to say that stress is a cause of acne it is widely known that stress can aggravate acne but given the right strategy there is no reason why it should be an uncontrollable problem. There are some simple things you can do to help clear up your skin just through managing stress before seeking out other acne treatments. Read more on Does stress cause acne?

Does alcohol cause acne?

There is a growing conception that drinking alcohol will cause acne outbreaks. However, alcohol is very rarely a direct cause of acne; but it can affect your skin in many ways. Read more on Does alcohol cause acne?

Does chocolate cause acne?

Okay you chocoholics (you know who you are), here is the answer to the questions you’ve been dying to ask: Will chocolate cause acne, and is cutting back on chocolate an effective acne treatment solution? The short answer is, “Probably not.” That may not be the confident, end-all answer you were searching for, but that’s what acne researchers and dermatologists have concluded. Read more on Does chocolate cause acne? and 8 Foods for Healthier Skin

Does smoking cause acne?

People often wonder about smoking and acne and there is much debate over the question “does smoking cause acne?” By now it is common knowledge that smoking is bad for you and can cause a number of unpleasant diseases such as cancer and also ages the skin. Therefore it wouldn’t be surprising if smoking was linked in some ways to acne, however, there is no clear evidence either way. Read more on Does smoking cause acne?

Does makeup worsen acne?

As you frantically search to find the best acne treatment product, you may come down with a bad case of the catch-22. You’re so embarrassed of your acne that you refuse to go anywhere without wearing makeup, but you’re also worried that wearing makeup today may make you break out even more tomorrow. So can makeup really make your acne worse? And, if so, what is the best acne treatment approach to covering up your acne? Read more on makeup and acne?

Adult Acne Women: Can birth control pills help treat acne?

For many adult acne sufferers, birth control pills, otherwise known as oral contraceptives, can be extremely effective as an ace treatment. However, they are normally only recommended after all other treatments such as prescription medications have failed and after extensive consultation with a doctor. Read more on Adult Acne Women: Can birth control pills help treat acne?

I’m not a teenager – why do I still have acne?

Unfortunately acne is a condition which can affect everyone, whether teenager or adult. Acne can appear at any stage in your adult life and is often a source of great distress for those afflicted with it. Read more on Adult Acne

Is the sun an effective acne treatment?

Whether we like it or not, everyone needs some sun exposure in order to stay healthy. Our body collects vitamin D from the sun which is neccessary for strong bones. However, too much sun can be extremely damaging and it can also lead to acne as well as many other skin problems. Read more on Is the sun an effective acne treatment?

How to prevent acne

While there is no guaranteed way to prevent acne breaking out there are some basic things that everyone can do to help. Read more on How to prevent acne

How to treat back acne

Acne is not limited to the face, it can appear anywhere on the body that has hair follicles including your back, chest and shoulders. 60% of acne suffers are inflicted with back acne and it is usually a sign that their acne is severe. Read more on How to treat back acne

How to get clear skin

There is no quick and easy way to get clear skin, but there are a number of things that can be done to help. Read more on How to get clear skin

How to get rid of spots

Everyone knows what it is like to wake up in the morning and find a hugely unattractive spot on their face and even worse when it happens when you have a job interview or some other important event coming up. However, there are some techniques to help deal with them and indeed any form of acne which appears on your skin. Read more on How to get rid of spots

How to get rid of acne

Getting rid of acne requires patience and a bit over work, unfortunately there is no over-night miracle cure for acne. However, over a fairly short period of time there are a number of things that can be done to help get rid of acne and leave you with clear skin. Read more on How to get rid of acne

How to remove acne

Most people will find acne horribly embarrassing because of the way it looks. Acne is not selective; it can affect all of us regardless of age or sex. However, there is no need to despair; although there is no overnight cure, with a bit of hard work and patience you can get rid of your acne in just a few weeks. Read more on How to remove acne

How to get rid of pimples

There are many ways of avoiding acne but occasionally a pimple will appear at the worst possible time in the worst possible place. Don’t worry about it too much, here is a simple guide how to get rid of it as fast as possible. Read more on How to get rid of pimples

What are the best acne treatments?

When trying to decide what approach to take when treating your acne you will be bombarded with companies which claim to offer the best acne treatments. In order to decide what is the best acne treatment you need to be aware of two things, firstly what the active ingredients are and how they affect your skin and secondly the best method to use the product in order to clear acne breakouts. Read more on What are the best acne treatments?

Aren’t all acne treatments the same?

No – they’re not all the same. There are definitely top acne treatments out there as ingredients do matter. Read more on top acne treatments

What should I do if my acne is getting worse?

If you suddenly find your acne getting worse then you’ve come to the right place. Here is some practical advice about how to get rid of acne which will leave you with clear acne free skin in just a few weeks. Read more on What should I do if my acne is getting worse?

What are blackheads?

Acne appears in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Unlike the red, patchy form of acne that causes redness and inflammation, blackheads appear in the form of black dots that exist on oily areas of the face. Also known as open comedos, blackheads are particularly common on the nose, forehead, and chin. They can contain skin debris, bacteria and sebum. The appearance and frequency of blackhead production can typically be reduced with acne treatment cleansers and solutions. Read more on blackheads

What are whiteheads?

Whiteheads are one of the less serious forms of acne. They are not marked by heavy redness and inflammation like serious cystic acne, and they do not show up as groups of noticeable black dots on oily areas of the skin. Whiteheads, also known as closed comedos, are nevertheless unattractive masses of skin cells that cause distress and embarrassment in those who suffer from them. Luckily, whiteheads can be effectively treated with the proper topical acne treatment cleanser, an over-the-counter or prescription oral acne treatment product, and good, consistent facial cleansing habits. Dermatology research has demonstrated that, within the proper acne treatment, whiteheads and other forms of acne can typically be treated effectively. Read more on whiteheads

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