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Sub-Saharan Africa lacks the human and technical capacity to meet its needs for biodiversity data and knowledge. Biodiversity Informatics is not widely used nor is it valued. We will invest in creating the skills, adding the knowledge and tools, and developing the relationships that will help our grantee partners succeed.

Overall, our grantmaking will focus on partnerships, training capacity, strengthening of networks, reaching into other sectors, sharing of materials, and improved evaluation. Our three Capacity Building initiatives are:

  • Initiative 1: In-Project Training – Builds in-project capacity with formal courses and coordination of training across our grant portfolios. As grants are developed within the Programs, we will survey capacity-building needs to ensure that all projects are getting the types of training needed to strengthen their internal capacity. Grantees in both Programs will engage in professional networks, short technical courses, and will have a small grant fund available to them for training.
  • Initiative 2: Biodiversity Informatics Training – Funds long-term professional training, African training capacity, and links training to a small grant fund and project opportunities. We see these training courses as a way to build partnerships with agencies who share our interest in Biodiversity Informatics.
  • Initiative 3: Regional Capacity Support and Partnerships – Includes investments in conferences and partnerships that strengthen African regional systems for Biodiversity Informatics.

Capacity News and Stories

Capacity Grants

Project Title


Amount / Months


South African National Biodiversity Institute
$250,000 / 36 months
Tulane University
$106,950 / 12 Months
Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)
$75,000 / 24 Months
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
$160,700 / 18 Month Months
Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund
$200,000 / 24 Months
University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
$414,858 / 54 Months
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
$25,000 / 17 Months
$200,000 / 12 Months

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