Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

Meeting the Needs of People, Water, and the Environment

We are Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, a highly skilled team of professionals in a wide range of disciplines, who work with our clients to develop innovative and effective solutions for their issues related to water and earth processes in the freshwater and coastal environments.

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Your Hydraulic Problem Solvers

We are leaders in combining practical knowledge and experience with sophisticated physical and numerical models to identify and design solutions to meet water resource needs. Our physical hydraulic modelling operation is the largest in western North America. We actively maintain a long-term commitment to water-based projects in developing countries.

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Technical Excellence

We are technical leaders, dedicated to conducting quality work in water resource engineering and science.

Client Focus

We collaborate with our clients as a trusted partner to develop cost effective, practical solutions to their needs.


We actively seek to be involved in new water resources issues and to incorporate new technologies in our analysis, planning, and design.


We are committed to maintaining NHC as an independent, employee-owned firm, and encourage individual responsibility and entrepreneurship among our employees.

Duty to our Employees

We promote and support the technical interests, professional development, and personal well-being of our employees.

Minimal Hierarchy

We work together in a cooperative and collegial way and are flexible and non-bureaucratic in dealing with each other, our partners, and our clients.


We treat clients, partners, and employees fairly and respectfully.


We provide useful but impartial analysis and opinions based on science and experience. We maintain highly ethical business practices.

Duty to Public Values and Communication

We produce solutions that serve society as well as our clients, and encourage public understanding of technical and scientific issues in water resources.

Environmental Responsibility

We aim to devise technical solutions that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Financial Responsibility

We manage the financial aspects of our projects and the firm’s finances responsibly and prudently, to meet our commitments to clients, owners, and staff.