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  • Platform Agnostic Approach
  • Vendor Central
  • Seller Central

Platform Agnostic Approach is a large and complex marketplace comprised of various ways for manufacturers and vendors to sell their products. Many vendors have a direct (1P) relationship with Amazon where they agree to sell product directly to Amazon, who in turn sells it to their customer. In this relationship, Amazon brings the product into their Fulfillment Centers and handles the sale to customers on, including pricing and fulfillment. The direct relationship is managed through a portal called Vendor Central, and our team is expert at working on this platform.

Another option for selling on Amazon is to do so through their third party marketplace (3P). In this scenario, the vendor is responsible for all elements of the sales process and fulfillment, including setting the price and handling fulfillment of the orders to customers. This is handled through the Seller Central portal which has very different elements than Vendor Central. Seller Central also offers an option called Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), which operates under the same Seller Central portal but hires Amazon to house and fulfill orders, do customer service, and more.

As experts in both sides of the platform we will look at your business holistically and based on your unique goals will recommend the best model for continuing to successfully grow your business within Amazon. Sometimes a hybrid model makes the most sense for clients’ individual needs and we are able to leverage both channels when the business calls for a specialized approach. Our expertise and relationships with both the 1P and 3P sides of the platform gives us a unique advantage in managing your business across both platforms.

Vendor Central

We spend a vast amount of time working in Amazon’s Vendor Central (VC) portal. Our proficiency and expertise allows our team to have an in-depth understanding of features and processes that are essential to your success. From purchase order management to reporting, we assume a highly active account management role and are experts in all facets of the vendor portal.

In addition, Amazon updates Vendor Central frequently and our familiarity with the system and its variety of options helps our clients immensely in navigating the system, adapting quickly to changes, and taking advantage of new features as soon as they become available.

Seller Central

Seller Central is similar to Vendor Central, but is geared towards helping Amazon’s merchants run their own business. It contains many of the same business functions as Vendor Central such as Catalog, Reporting, Finances, Promotions and Advertising.

In addition to helping you develop a successful direct relationship within Vendor Central, Orca Pacific can help grow your Marketplace business through this Seller Central portal. Our team of experts have real-world experience building brands and launching new products at scale for 1P and 3P sellers alike. We understand the nuances in each approach and will help guide you in making decisions on the best way to maximize your business potential while minimizing risk. We will listen to your needs and work with you to develop a winning strategy while alleviating the stress and challenges of navigating Seller Central. Whether you are an established brand or new to the Amazon Marketplace, Orca Pacific can help you in every aspect of your Seller Central business.