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  • Amazon Fresh
  • Prime Pantry
  • Prime Now
  • Amazon Business
  • Launchpad
  • Amazon Exclusives
  • Brand Registry
  • Transparency by Amazon
  • Private Label
  • Devices

Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh is a program available in select cities which offers free grocery delivery for Prime members. This program offers customers a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen items, and household essentials. Delivery can be requested for same day or next day and can occur even when the customer is not home, making it easy and convenient for anyone.

While not a fit for everyone, our clients who have household essentials can participate in this program and drive additional opportunity for marketing and sales of those items on AmazonFresh. We work with you to identify these product opportunities and manage the process of getting added to the platform.

Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is a store where Prime members can shop for groceries and household products in everyday package sizes, such as a single box of cereal. Prime Pantry allows Amazon to expand its selection and offer thousands of items to Prime Members that are cost prohibitive to ship for free individually.

If applicable to your products, we will review your catalog for suitable items to add to Prime Pantry and work with our contacts at Amazon to navigate the process of having them setup on the platform. This can be another great way to add incremental sales and marketing reach.

Prime Now

Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime where members can place orders for fast same-day, often one-hour delivery in select zip codes. Prime Now is a standalone site and mobile application. With it, customers can shop Amazon, local stores and restaurants and have couriers deliver to orders in shortened delivery timeframes as compared to the main Amazon site.

We work closely with the Prime Now team to help facilitate our client’s participation in this program. Our team manages the entire process from start to finish and works with the appropriate Amazon contacts to bring in inventory specifically for Prime Now Fulfillment Centers. We believe Prime Now is a great opportunity to capture incremental sales on top of regular business, and therefore handle all coordination to ensure this process is seamless and effortless for our clients.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a sister site to that caters to business oriented products and is currently one of Amazon’s fastest-growing and highest-priority initiatives. The site is only accessible to registered business customers and is a great place to feature any brands or product extensions that cater to a commercial consumer.

Initiatives available within Amazon Business include:

  • Offering discounts for products – These can be dollar or percentage-off discounts for business customers only.
  • Quantity discounts – Offered via pricing tiers to provide variable pricing based on the number of units a business customer orders.
  • Marketing – Catering to business-specific customers only, marketing on this platform is typically done via rate card promotions and business-oriented events (ex. Back to Business, Tax Time, etc.)

As this is a rapidly expanding platform, we work regularly with the Amazon Business team to take advantage of everything Amazon Business has to offer and to stay at the forefront of new options as they become available.


Launchpad is a site-within-a-site on Amazon featuring innovative products from startups and inventive manufacturers. We work with the Launchpad team regularly and are highly experienced with their product and content requirements. While this isn’t applicable to all vendors, this allows our startup clients to receive additional marketing and in-stock assistance as they grow their company and their brand on Amazon and beyond. Through our partnership with Launchpad, we work on your behalf to ensure you receive specialized placement and incremental opportunities that would not typically be available to a new brand.

Amazon Exclusives

Amazon Exclusives is a special program for third party merchants where brands commit to only selling their new products on Amazon as well as their own website for six months. We are knowledgeable of this program and will help coordinate and guide the process if this is of interest to your company.

Brand Registry

Brand Registry is Amazon’s stand-alone portal for brand, copyright, and trademark protection on the Amazon platform. The specialists within the Brand Registry team focus specifically on potential infringement issues, and work to resolve listing infractions and preserve selling integrity on the site. Orca Pacific has vast experience working with the Brand Registry team, as well as within the portal itself. We monitor listings for copyright violations, report trademark abuse, and highlight repeat violators for removal from the platform. Additionally, we are working directly with Amazon on strategies to drive greater Brand Registry adoption amongst the vendor-base to build a more robust and effective protection tool. Working with Brand Registry, Orca Pacific has the tools, knowledge, and experience to keep your brand safe while selling on Amazon.

Transparency by Amazon

Amazon Transparency is an item serialization service that allows brands/manufacturers to identify individual product units and track those items through their lifecycles, from manufacturing to distribution to end consumer. It is designed to reduce counterfeits and improve product transparency. Our team has experience with this new program and will help determine if this is an option for your business on Amazon.

Private Label

Private Label is a growing initiative for Amazon, and they are currently investing large amounts of resources into expanding their product selection to customers of their own AmazonBasics and other private label brands. For many of our clients, private label is a strong priority for their overall ecommerce business, and a relationship with the Amazon private label teams can be incredibly beneficial for everyone involved.

We have many contacts throughout the private label product management teams. If private label is an important initiative for your company, we will coordinate the appropriate introductions and assist through the entire process of quoting, negotiating and finalizing products for Amazon private label. Our experience and guidance will ensure you have the best chance at securing an Amazon private label supplier relationship.


We have contacts across various devices teams and can coordinate projects for our clients that cater to the Kindle, Dash or Alexa technologies such as the following:

  • Kindle e-Reader – Amazon-branded consumer electronics device where customers can discover, purchase, and store printed media including books, periodicals, newspapers, etc. Opportunities exist for ad placements on Kindle devices – see our advertising service offering for more information.
  • Kindle Tablet – Amazon-branded consumer electronics device where customers can buy Music, Movies / TV shows, video games and apps. The Kindle tablet’s primary competitor is the Apple iPad but is priced substantially lower. Amazon most likely breaks even or slightly losses money on each Kindle Tablet but makes up for it with content purchases. Opportunities exist for ad placements on Kindle devices – see our advertising service offering for more information.
  • Dash / Dash Replenishment – Amazon created a small physical button (similar in size to a thumb drive) by which customers can re-order a commonly needed product such as laundry detergent. Customers are encouraged to place these Dash buttons near where the product is commonly used within the household (ex. laundry detergent Dash button in the laundry room). We can help facilitate participation in this program for relevant products.
  • Alexa – Amazon has invested heavily in their voice recognition technology called Alexa. The Alexa technology is embedded in Amazon-branded devices such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Show as well as its shopping app. Opportunities exist to obtain Alexa-certification for compatible smart products, as well as for ad placements on Alexa devices – see our advertising service offering for more information.