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  • Contract and Program Negotiation
  • Key Relationships
  • Strategic Insight and Access to New and Beta Programs
  • Retail Protection Through Channel Management

Contract and Program Negotiation

Like any major retailer, Amazon uses various contracts in their business operations. We are well versed in these contracts and can help achieve a win-win situation for both Amazon and our clients. Amazon’s program agreements are an important part of the business relationship and we make sure these dollars are put to the best use possible. This includes MDF/co-op, payment terms, damage and freight allowances as well as ongoing marketing and margin guarantee accruals.

Key Relationships

Orca Pacific’s office is conveniently located next to Amazon’s campus. We are in Amazon’s offices on a weekly basis, meeting with Amazonians from a variety of internal teams. We believe relationships are a key part of any business and Amazon is no different. We constantly strive to maintain close working relationships with everyone related to our mutual business. We always present ourselves, and by extension our clients, with the utmost professionalism.

Strategic Insight and Access to New and Beta Programs

Amazon is a rapidly evolving company and one outcome of this is the continual introduction of new programs and opportunities. Through our ongoing communication with Amazon, we are typically among the first in the vendor community to hear about these opportunities and pass them on to our clients whenever applicable.

Retail Protection Through Channel Management

In the increasingly transparent world of online retail, channel management is paramount to protecting a brand’s integrity. While there is no magic bullet solution, we work hand in hand with Amazon’s vendor managers to ensure your products are being treated fairly by Amazon and the broader marketplace. Through this approach, we help enhance and defend your pricing integrity.