At TMachines, we specialize in software solutions that help our customers manage the industrial cutting process. A leader in cutting optimization software, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions and excellent customer support.

CutLogic 1D and CutLogic 2D, our software products, provide 1D and 2D cutting optimization for a vast range of materials and practices. By using intelligent algorithms to address complex cutting challenges, CutLogic automatically determines optimal cutting plans, and streamlines operations with improved materials management, enhanced reporting, and multi-format import and export of data. CutLogic solutions are designed with highly secure databases and can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

Created by engineers with experience in software development and algorithm design, TMachines now serves customers located in more than 70 countries. We also offer consulting services to help businesses gain efficiencies and get the best results from their software investment.

Our Technology

Our CutLogic technology is designed using intelligent algorithms to address complex cutting challenges. Based on Genetic Algorithms and combined with a Fuzzy Logic system, the foundation of our technology reflects the latest in evolutionary computation and modern Artificial Intelligence.

The CutLogic method allows for differing priorities and variables, refining outcomes as it goes to deliver results that surpass any other software on the market. With no programming required by customers, the CutLogic experience is also superior for users.

What Our Customers Say

CutLogic 1D software was implemented last year in one of the divisions (Zamil Steel Tower and Galvanizing). Since implementation users are well satisfied with the system functionalities. CutLogic 1D application proved to be very successful as compared to earlier” optimizer” solution. In fact Zamil Steel management is considering implementing in other divisions Structure Steel on later stage. This software has many advantages and by using this application, wastage has reduced. Beside built-in features, TMachines added on request additional functionality as was asked to do so. This software is flexible for customization according to user’s need. During implementation & after, we received excellent support from TMachines in terms of customization and installation. Zamil Steel is committed to use this software and also expecting future enhancement which can benefit not only to Zamil Steel but other users in the world.

When we started using CutLogic2D, there were a few things we expected – it looked cool, worked very well, saved our time, our money and paid itself very quickly. What we did not expect and were amazed of, was, that we learned how to use it at first glance!! It was so pleasant as this does not happen very often and our hats off to CutLogic guys in TMachines !!

CutLogic 1D appeared to be virtually tailor made for our purpose and has proved to be very cost effective, easy to use and has paid for itself in the first months of use. We do not know how we ever managed without it. CutLogic is so easy to use and vice free that we believe it could be the market leader in ‘stand alone’ nesting software. TMachines listen to their customers and we have found them to be more than helpful and keen to implement changes to improve their product further.

We have been using Cutlogic 1D and CutLogic 2D since 2007 with great success. With the continually rising cost of steel every inch of scrap means lost revenue. Cutlogic has helped to minimize this. The programs are very easy to use and have great functionality. Cut lists and parts labels can be printed which allows our shop to keep better track of production. Finally, the support received is excellent and new, helpful features have been implemented over the past few years. We would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs accurate cutting plans in 1D or 2D.

In our previous nesting software, we had to hand key all the data into the program. With CutLogic 1D, I can import and optimize all the data for multiple projects with the touch of one button. The operator simply has to review and print the report. This will save us countless hours and key-stroke errors.

Ordering Cutlogic 2D from TMachines was one of our best decisions. It was very easy to learn how it works; also the support is excellent. We use it to optimize facade panels, and we can also support our installers, as this way it is easy to follow the quantities for the orders and we can easily extract the cutting plans which can be forwarded to the customers, or to the cutting workshops.

We have been using the CutLogic 2D program for a few years now. It has changed the way we look at the yield of our raw material. We are now able to order enough special material for each job and eliminate a lot of waste and inventory cost at the same time. The material cutters also like the product because it give them a detail of how to maximize each sheet and eliminate scrap. Thanks to the program, profits are up and scrap it down. I would recommend this program to whoever cuts full sheets of material.