What’s new in CutLogic 2D version 5.5

  • Improved optimization for large layouts, cutting from rolls and slitting


Version 5.3

  • New fields Stock Level and Minimum Level for better material inventory control
  • Improved import from Excel files
  • Several improvements in cutting from rolls
  • Added Polish language
  • Small improvements and fixes


Version 5.2

  • Added cutting setting “Maximum number of stock sizes” – allowing to limit stock sizes used in plan; optimizer will pick best stock size(s) for given parts
  • Fixed optimization when limited by cutting setting “Grip”
  • Small improvements and fixes


Version 5.1

  • New improved help file
  • Added Spanish language
  • Improved cut sequence for manual and on beam saw cutting
  • Option to sort part labels by creation (useful for manual and on beam saw cutting)
  • Improved imports
  • Small improvements and fixes


Version 5.0

  • Edge Banding – entering, decrement, instruction during or after cutting, reports and statistics, export for 1D optimizer
  • CNC machines & G-Code – adjustable generation of G-Code with optimized toolpath
  • User can browse individual cuts in graphical representation
  • Option to sort part labels by creation
  • Instruction for manual cuts in reports
  • Switchable length/width orientation – horizontal/vertical or vertical/horizontal
  • Adjustable origin of cutting layouts – left-bottom, left-top, right-bottom, right-top
  • Cutting layout image can be stretched when cutting from rolls
  • Function split part(s) – useful when parts are longer than stocks, e.g. when cutting plastic films
  • Improved sequence of cuts
  • Added German and Slovak language
  • New option Part Increase – program adds this value to each side of each parts
  • Optional automated loading of inventory stocks to new cutting plans
  • User can copy current material cutting settings to multiple selected materials
  • Program can hide cutting plans older than X days (settable in program options)
  • Added completion flags in part list in cutting layout reports – indicates line in which order, length or other value is finished
  • User can print part and remnant label right from cutting layout image by double click
  • Improved and streamlined import and multi-material import
  • Cost type can be assigned for each stock separately
  • Positions, lengths and visibilities of columns in all data grids can be customized
  • User can select multiple records and perform batch operations (optimizing, deleting, printing, marking, loading, etc.)
  • Function to copy record (in any data grid)
  • Renumber function (renumbers number column in data grid)
  • Improved graphical cutting layouts and overall GUI
  • New improved version of report editor and viewer
  • Improved and streamlined all reports
  • Multiple fixes


Version 4.0

  • Manual editing of cutting layouts – once cutting layouts are automatically created by CutLogic 2D optimizer, user can fully change them in manual layout editing mode


Version 3.9

  • Report “Plan Cost Detail”
  • Full support for Unicode – CutLogic 2D data now can include any language specific characters


Version 3.8

  • Full support for cutting from rolls and slitting & shearing
  • Cutting setting “Knife count” – allows to limit number of knives / cuts (both for vertical and horizontal)
  • Capability to create charts in reports
  • Configurable sorting of layouts and layout parts
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.7

  • Cutting setting “Minimum layout repeat”
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.6

  • Cutting setting “Cut table length” – allows to limit length of horizontal cuts
  • Cutting setting “Cut table width” – allows to limit length of vertical cuts
  • Improved cutting setting “Grip” – optimizer now allows also parts smaller than grip
  • Closed cutting plans can be deleted now
  • Material lookup table sorted by description
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.5

  • Import and export of whole plan from/to single file
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.4

  • Support of feet & inches in imports
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.3

  • Export to DXF files
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.2

  • Cutting setting “Grip” – allows definition of minimum grip on both sides of each cut
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.1

  • Improved optimization engine – higher overall yield and lower overall cost and waste
  • Several new 2-stage and 3-stage cutting types
  • Creating multi-material cutting plans from Assemblies
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes


Version 3.0


  • MS Vista OS supported
  • Firebird RDBMS used – more secure and reliable solution based on true SQL database for data protection like security, backup, crash recovery, etc.


  • Graphical redesign and optimization of program for more user friendly look and feel
  • Enhanced data grids for better navigation and data manipulation – new sorting and multi sorting features
  • Enhanced filtering capabilities – possibility to define new improved filters for cutting Plans, Materials, Assemblies, Storages, Sources, Parts, etc.

New features

  • Inventory management of sources, parts and remnants integrated with cutting plans
  • Module Assemblies – can store products or orders or both
  • Enhanced “Group optimization”
  • Capability to copy cutting plans


  • Filtering by date
  • Exports embedded into Reports
  • New embedded report generator and editor for customization of reports
  • Improved and extended labeling systems and report sets
  • Possibility to define custom defined data views and statistics
  • Batch reports


  • Import of multi-material data with automated creation of cutting plans
  • Imports from MS Excel files, MS Access files, CSV format
  • Imports from data sources (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird, etc.) via connection string
  • Added “default” values and “multiply by” values when defining import
  • Added filter allowing to filter import data
  • Improved import, sorting capabilities for imported data


  • Export to CSV, MS Excel files, PDF, XML, Open Document Text, Open Document Spreadsheet
  • Send by email feature
  • Improved export to TXT, RTF, and HTML


  • Distributed connectivity allowing various scenarios in different environments (local, LAN, WAN)
  • Improved support for LAN – user management, logon security, etc.
  • WAN optimization – application optimized for running in WAN environment