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Brianna is a 15 year-old female who was in the suffering from depression. Unable to attend school due to high levels of social anxiety and chronic suicidal thoughts, her guardian felt it was imperative that Brianna not be left alone. Her guardian reached out to...
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Dealing with the death of a spouse or child is one of the hardest things in life. For some, their grief completely takes over and they turn to drugs or alcohol just to get through the day. Two years ago Caleb lost his wife. His grief and anger were so intense, that he started to use alcohol to cope with how he was feeling...
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"I'm often reminded as I go about my work days at Compass Health that I am surrounded by co-workers who exhibit such good care for both the clients we work with and for each other. I’m grateful to be part of this strong, compassionate, and dedicated Compass Health workforce."
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"My co-workers are so supportive and I have a very positive relationship with them – we can joke around and also collaborate around work. It is important to feel comfortable in my work environment and I look forward to coming to work every day. I love my job."
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Thanks to her Compass Health Care Coordinator, Janis has been able to get through a pretty traumatic period in her life. Janis had just experienced a painful break-up with her significant other and was facing new and challenging health conditions...
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Margaret, a 59-year old woman, came down from Alaska to Washington to be with her daughter following the death of her husband. For several months Margaret reportedly had been disorganized, confused, and had suffered injuries...
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“I have been working in the mental health field for seven years now and Compass Health has the best working environment that I have experienced in that time. Compass Health provides excellent non-monetary benefits, and as a lifelong learner..."
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